This Dude Has to be the Biggest Nintendo Fanboy of All-Time

An enthusiastic Nintendo fan who goes by the name Cranberryzero (CBZ for short) has taken his Nintendo fanboy love to a whole new level.  Upon receiving his 3DS, CBZ went down to his local tattoo parlor and had the system’s AR card tattooed on his underarm.  That’s a serious commitment to Nintendo’s 3D gaming platform, which is both awesome and creepy at the same time.  I can honestly say that the Alternate Reality cards for the 3DS are pretty amazing, but they’re not mind blowing enough to have one permanently etched into your flesh.  Besides, if you really want to have the AR cards everywhere you go you could just use your smartphone.

AHHHHHH! There’s Miis Coming Out of My Arm! Damn Those Mushrooms!

I wonder if CBZ will regret his decision to tattoo a 3DS AR card on his arm when he gets bored of the device in a few months, or maybe he’ll never get bored of it in fear of feeling like a schmuck for getting his tattoo.  If anything, I give the man credit for being an extremely passionate gamer.  To see this fanboy’s Nintendo body art in action you must watch the video below.  You’ve been thinking that this tattoo may be taking things a little too far…

Nintendo 3DS AR Card Tattoo


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