This Dummy is Anything BUT Gangster

If you’re like me then you can’t stand people that act hard even though they’re about as hard as a dead man’s d*ck!  I can’t stand suburban kids who try to act like they’re from the Hood even though their Dad drives a Mercedes and Mom has a Land Rover.  Why do people like this feel like they need to be ghetto?  This form of posing is for pussies.

The video below is a great example of some a-hole trying to come off as a hardcore street playa except he epically fails.  Just wait until you see this douchebag trying to speak the speak, and walk the walk.  He looks like a retarded gangster/terrorist.  I don’t think the Bloods or Crypts would ever beat this tool into their gang.  Check it out below to see what I mean.  You’ve been AK-47 failed…

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