This Edited ‘A New Hope’ Scene Actually Makes the Star Wars Prequels Redeemable

It’s hard to find anything redeemable about the Star Wars prequels, especially if you were first introduced to the franchise back in the 70’s and 80’s, but one clever YouTuber named Shahan Reviews has found a way to at least make Anakin’s turn somewhat relevant.

He managed to make Anakin’s fall from grace emotionally impactful, which in Revenge of the Sith, was pathetic, improperly paced, and didn’t remotely produce the feels rabid fans like myself expected to get after watching the most pivotal moment in the Star Wars/Skywalker saga unfold. He did this by re-editing a key scene from A New Hope–the one where Ben explains to Luke about his father Anakin being betrayed by Darth Vader–with key footage from Revenge of the Sith that matches the “lies” Old Ben recounts to the young Skywalker. The edited in footage gives much more emotional weight to the scene itself, as it does look like Ben is thinking of these moments from his past, while he conveniently gives a “certain point of view” of the events to young Luke. The somber music also helps to give the scene a more depressing feel completing the effect.

If you want to see the prequels actually contributing positively to the Star Wars franchise, then you have to watch this fan edited scene from A New Hope above.


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