This Fan Created Teaser for Star Wars: Episode IX Is Pretty Fantastic and Touches on Rey’s Past

The Smasher YouTube channel has created a very well done fan teaser trailer for Star Wars: Episode IX, and considering any official news on the film’s production has been scarce, this is a nice treat for fans looking for anything to latch onto for the final film in this trilogy.

The trailer uses a mix of footage from fan films and other official Star Wars properties to create a narrative that is focused on Rey’s still mysterious past. It uses Maz’s speech to her to flesh out her abandonment on Jakku and how that must still be weighing on her. It also uses flashbacks to tell what the creators think the narrative may be. Everything from the edit to the music is just so well done that I even had a slight emotional reaction to it. It just paints a narrative that I would totally be down with, even though it’s probably far from what we will get.

It’s definitely worth checking out to say the least. I also expect those who disliked The Last Jedi will appreciate this fan trailer, because it seems to return to many of the threads J.J. started in The Force Awakens, which Johnson mostly glossed over or blew up completely in his sequel. And no, I don’t hate TLJ, I quite enjoyed it, but I like I’ve been saying all along, Episode IX will ultimately decide if TLJ is as good or as bad as the two divisive fan camps have made it out to be. If the finale paints a cohesive narrative for the new trilogy that also reflects themes from the first six films, I do think most normal fans will come around to this new trilogy as a whole, even if they initially disliked TLJ.

Head on up above to check out this awesome fan trailer for Star Wars: Episode IX.


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