This Fan Made Lightsaber Would Make Luke Skywalker Jealous!

Who doesn’t want their own personal lightsaber?  I don’t care if you like Star Wars, or not.  If someone offered you a lightsaber you’d take it in a heartbeat to show off to the rest of your geeky friends.  I’d immediately start whacking sh*t with it, possibly starting with a tree in my front yard that causes my fat a*s to rake leaves for the last 3 weeks of every November!  Damn you oxygen giving leaf shedders!

Now let’s take things back to reality where we know there’s no such things as working laser swords.  Although, there’s some pretty awesome fake ones.  I’ve spent my fair share of coin on the Master Replicas versions of a few lightsabers, but they’re still pretty far off from the real thing.  You can’t take the damn blade out of them, so you can’t wear the hilt around your waist when you go out on the town like Qui-Gon Jinn.  Who hasn’t wanted to walk around with a lightsaber attached to their belt?  Yeah your right, probably only Star Wars nerds like me do.

Anyway, some dude over at Slothfurnace has probably put together one of the most detailed handmade lightsabers of all time.  He crafted the same version lightsaber that Luke uses in Return of the Jedi.  This thing is insane!  It has a crystal chamber to house the lighting for the saber just like the real thing, and even can detach its blade for transport.  If I didn’t know any better I’d really think that this guy is a Jedi lost on the lame planet of Earth.  His work is magnificent and makes the Master Replica Sabers look like cheap knock offs.  He went ahead and documented the whole process here just in case you feel like making your own.  I’ve ruled this option out for myself, because I have a near 0 manly rating when it comes to using tools.  Let’s just say I’m only proficient with a HAMM3R!

Take a look below at how awesome this DIY lightsaber truly is.  I’ve included some pics from the various stages of production, as well as a few videos of this piece of Star Wars greatness in action.  If only I had some skills in the metal shop!  The force is not with me in that area of expertise.  Anyone got the skillz to pull one of these off?  If so, drop me a line.  I’m always looking to waste more money on Star Wars gimmicks.  You’ve been wanting to have a lightsaber ever since Obi-Wan gave Anakin’s to Luke…

This guy is no joke!  Look at all of the work done for this thing, and how finely detailed it was done!

Video with blade in


Video of crystal chamber


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Via [Gizmodo source Slothfurnace]


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