This Fan Made Marvel Cinematic Universe Tribute Trailer Packs an Emotional Punch

The Smasher YouTube channel, which specializes in fan made trailers for various mega-sized pop culture franchises, has released a MCU tribute trailer to give us Marvel movie fans something to chew on while we wait for Avengers 4. It’s not a fan trailer for Avengers 4 even though it is touted as a first look in its title, rather it’s more of a cleverly edited retrospective video that really zeroes in on the emotional impact of Thanos’ snap at the end of Infinity War. In fact, if you’ve been a MCU fan since day one there’s no way this tribute trailer won’t get you a little emotional this Sunday, or whatever day you watch it.

It does a great job recalling past events that led to the splintering of the Avengers, as well as Tony’s predictions about the end of the team and possibly the world. It really hammers home the dire situation the remaining Avengers and the world truly is in after Thanos did his galaxy cleansing snap after Thor missed cleaving off his head during the epic battle in Wakanda. Check it out to see for yourself above!


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