This one’s loaded, readers. After over ten years of development, Final Fantasy XV released with a lot of conversation revolving around it. Regardless of how you feel about the game, Matthew Shezmen’s new cartoon parody tackles nearly every element of FFXV‘s reception, good or bad, and it’s quite a humdinger.

Shezmen repeatedly injects humor around every corner. In the twenty(ish) minutes above, a series of (mostly) chronological scenes digs at everything from the game’s development to time devotion required to defeat certain bosses. If you’ve played FFXV, you will find an immediate connection with each scene bringing something new to attention. Ifrit’s a pretty big douche, it turns out. Whodathunk?

If you haven’t played FFXV and don’t mind a few spoiler-y bits, there’s still a load of comedy nestled in between the lines (Shezmen was kind enough to put up a disclaimer at the beginning of the video—what a guy!). Whether it’s Barret from Final Fantasy VII trying to buy ice cream in the background, subtle (and not so subtle) guest appearances of random Pokemon, or the countless allusions to other franchises, there’s a chuckle or two in here for damn near anyone.

Check it out above, and let us know what you think down below!


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