This ‘Fortnite’ In Real Life Parody Channels ‘The Matrix’

RocketJump is back with a gaming in real life video — the content that first made the channel famous when it was still called FreddieW — but it’s not just your standard what would a popular game look like if it existed in the real world. Rather, this parody infuses the gameplay of Fortnite with an iconic scene from the first Matrix movie.

If you’re old enough to remember that film, there’s a scene where Neo is being trained by Morpheus on how to manipulate the Matrix to pull off otherworldly feats such as jumping from one building to the next. Morpheus does it easily, while Neo, who is just realizing that his world has been a farce, struggles a bit and crashes hard while he tries to replicate Morpheus’ leap.

That same scenario plays out in this Fortnite in real life parody, albeit with rules and gimmicks from that universe. For example, rather than jumping between buildings, Freddie is tested by seeing if he can build a skybridge between them like any masterful Fortnite player can.

It’s a fun parody that mashes two geek properties together, so head on up above to check it out.


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