Every year the fall season sees a flood of AAA video game releases, and a majority of those releases are usually considered “must-play” amongst gamers. This is due to the fact that most big publishers and prominent developers always release their most anticipated new IP’s, and sequels to large IP’s, during the months of September, October, and November. This is not an easy stretch of time for the wallets of gamers around the world, because many of these fall releases are the game’s they’ve been waiting for all year.

This fall has been no different, and the month of October has definitely been packed full of engaging AAA titles to sample. Although, this week has to be the most AAA-packed release week of the fall video game rush. In fact, this Friday, October 27, may just be the most stacked new video game release day of 2017, if not in the past few years. That’s not even taking into account that Destiny 2 released for PC today, October 24.

Back to this Friday though, which could cost gamers hundreds of dollars depending on their gaming preferences, thanks to the three massive new AAA titles releasing. What’s also so impressive about this Friday’s releases is the fact that they encompass every gaming platform available, including Nintendo’s Switch! It’s been quite some time since all major platforms were covered on a single day of new video game releases, so again, this week’s finale is special in the gaming landscape.

Alright, enough with the sensationalism, let’s get on with exactly why this Friday is such an anomaly in the video game landscape. There will be not one, not two, but three massive new AAA games releasing, and they’re all sequels to very iconic franchises. Let’s start with the game that probably has the most excitement behind it, and that’s Super Mario Odyssey, the first Super Mario game built exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

What gamer doesn’t enjoy a new proper Super Mario game? Pretty much every gamer has a soft spot in their hearts for Nintendo’s plumber, and even if you’re not a huge Nintendo fan these days, your inner gamer will still wax poetic over the idea of a new Mario title. Most of us who grew up during the 80’s and 90’s spent 100’s of hours with Mario and his brother Luigi, so the idea of a new take on the Super Mario franchise will always make us smile in anticipation of what crazy adventure Nintendo has cooked up. Younger gamers by way of a knowledge share from their parents and/or older siblings will also know of the Mario, and will surely want to try out his latest adventure.

Nintendo may have odd policies when it comes to making profits — just look at the NES and SNES Classics and the lack of supply — but the game maker still knows how to captivate the hearts of minds of gamers both young and old thanks to its stable of classics. There’s no doubt that Super Mario Odyssey will offer one of 2017’s most intriguing gameplay experiences, which is why it is a part of the reason as to why this Friday is one of the greatest video game release days in recent memory.

Now if you don’t own a Switch you can always pick up one of the other two massively popular titles releasing this Friday, which consist of Assassin’s Creed Origins and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. Both of these AAA releases are also on the “must-play” list of many gamers, so hopefully you have a clone and a ton of fun money if you plan on playing all three of these titles at launch.


Origins is intriguing both for its egyptian setting and origin story of the Assassin’s creed, but also because it has been given way more development time than any recent AC title. Before Origins we were getting a new AC game every year, which ultimately led to poor development practices and games that released in a substandard condition such as AC: Unity. Origins has benefited from three plus years of development, so it should mirror the early AC games in terms of its production quality. It also should be a gem to look at, especially on 4K PC’s, or the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. The whole origin story of the Assassins is also very intriguing, which is why this game’s release only adds to the special air that surrounds this Friday’s new releases.

Of course you also have the latest Wolfenstein title releasing this Friday too, and you can’t go wrong with this rebooted FPS from Bethesda. First and foremost, it’s a game that is all about decimating evil Nazis with supernatural powers, so how could it not be a complete blast? Plus, the past two Wolfenstein games have featured some of the best FPS gameplay I’ve ever experienced, so there’s no question that The New Colossus won’t follow suit. The whole alternate America setting should also bring interesting situations and horrific looks at what this country could have turned into if the Nazis won World War II, so again, this is a title that probably shouldn’t be missed, and the third reason why this Friday is such a special video game release day.

Like I said, if you own all of the available gaming platforms, then this Friday will definitely put a hurting on your wallet, or at least cause you mental stress due to the fact that you will only be able to afford one or two of these “must-play” new releases. Having a clone would also go a long way too, because these games, especially Super Mario Odyssey and Assassin’s Creed Origins, will offer plenty of gameplay to keep  you busy until the meat of the holiday season.

Feel free to chime in below with your game plan for this Friday. Let us know which game, if any, you’ll be picking up, and why you decided to go for said game over the others. Of course, if you’re getting all three, then let us know how you plan to split your time between them.


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