This Game of Thrones Character Impersonator is Spot On

Game of Thrones is a wonderfully crafted series, and features all you could ever want to see for the fantasy infused period for which it is set. The characters are of course paramount to the success of the series, and so them being truly unique is vital to the story.

All of the characters have various accents and all of them work brilliantly on the small screen. Although, why have them separately when we could have a guy named Steve playing every character at once? Steve Love as he is known on YouTube goes all the way with a large cast of characters in some of the best Game of Thrones impressions you’ve seen on the Internet. His Littlefinger, Varys and Tyrion impressions are particularly outstanding, the guy has some serious talent.

Check out the video above to temporarily cure your cravings for Game of Thrones whilst you wait for Season 5.


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