The How It Should Have Ended YouTube channel has released its first HISHE bit of the 2018, and it offers up a few new endings and scene changes for Thor: Ragnarok. If you’re not familiar with these parodies, then just know that they’re just that. They’re parodies, they’re not meant to destroy the vision of the film’s creative team, but rather to offer more sensical conclusions to a film.

In this parody the team questions why Hela didn’t immediately take the Bifrost sword, which would have pretty much ended the film upon her arrival to Asgard. Although it does go into actual alternate endings during the battle on the bridge, and I have to say that they all would have made sense if comic book movies were meant to play out like real life. But where’s the fun in that? The good guys always win!

Head on up above to see the different ways Thor: Ragnarok could have ended.


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