This is Pretty Much How All Political Debates Sound to Me

The DJO team is back it again with another one of their infamous dubbing videos, and this time they take on the Republican 2012 Presidential debate.  This isn’t a political site by any means, but let’s face it, 99% of politicians suck as people.  I don’t care if your Republican, Democrat, Independent, or a member of one of the fringe parties that will never win a thing in our two party system, most of your representatives in politics are scam artists.  This is always made clear during election time especially when it’s a Presidential one.  None of these candidates ever live up to their claims, and for the most part they’re just talking out of their a-hole’s using someone else’s prepared words.

This is why all campaigns and their debates sound the same to me, and this sound has been perfectly captured in DJO’s debate dubbed video below.  Before you watch it make sure to take your douchbag cap off if you have one, and just enjoy it for its outlandish comedy.  No one involved is trying to pick on your beloved political party, so try to be human and just enjoy it for what it is.  You’ve always known that politicians were full of nonsensical bullish*t…

Debate 2012 – DJO

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