This Is the Police: A Gritty Cop Game on Kickstarter

This Is the Police follows the tale of 60 year old Jack as he tries to make his life as eventful as he possibly can before he is forced to retire. Jack has a huge focus on his police work, and has always been shown as a very moral true to form cop, despite believing those around him were somewhat dishonest. Now though, Jack is fed up and aims to make half a million dollars in 180 days before his retirement is forced onto him, anyway that he can.

In This Is the Police, gamers will play a complex tycoon strategy game that also factors in many elements from modern adventure games. Running the city efficiently will be key, and so controlling your force and keeping the peace shall play major roles in the gameplay. Choices, of course, mean consequences, and so players can expect to make huge decisions in the game that effect both the present and future of Jack’s story.

Currently, This Is the Police has not quite reached its target goal on Kickstarter, but with less than a week to go it still has plenty of time to achieve the remaining $5500 to secure development. That said, Team 17 have recently took note of the game and have steeped forward as a publisher for the title, so for the most part the title becoming a reality is nothing short of inevitable.

You can back the game for yourself at this link, expect to hear lots more from This Is the Police in the months to come.


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