This is the Type of Work That Will Make Little Big Planet 2 Worthy of Your Time

It’s no secret that I’m an Xbox guy, but unlike most fanboys I can cross console lines.  If there is a game that is only on the PS3 I will play it, and I usually love the experience.  The original LBP was a great foray into game design, but I’m an impatient dope, so I passed that part of the game over and ended up trading it in after a few weeks of it sitting on my shelf.  This didn’t mean that Little Big Planet sucked, it just meant that I didn’t have the patience, or aptitude to fully enjoy the level creation piece of the game.

With Little Big Planet 2 on the horizon a beta has been offered for users to test the new game creation tools.  In LBP2 gamers can almost create any type of game that they want using the in-game editor.  FPS games, Fighters, Arcade, Platformers, RTS, etc, are all viable options in regards to the type of game you can create in LBP2.  I just came across one of the beta users games, and it is absolutely amazing considering it was done within a video game that isn’t even finished yet.

POLLOIZARRARAZ43, the user who created Sony Vs. Marvel Vs. Capcom, basically made a full fledged fighter using sackboy versions of the iconic characters from each of the company’s game catalogues.  It really is something to behold considering this was all done within a game that is a game itself.  Little Big Planet 2 is definitely poised to spawn some awesome user created content, that might make picking up the game for non-devs like myself worthwhile.  Check out one of the possibilities below.  You’ve been wanting a Kratos sackboy doll…


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