This is the Ultimate Steve Jobs Retrospective Video

I’ll tell you what, NMAtv never ceases to amaze me with their very unique brand of storytelling via animated shorts.  Not to be outdone by the other media outlets who are putting together “A Look Back” videos at the career of Steve Jobs, they too have entered the fray with their own spin on Steve’s career in video form.  To give you a preview of what you’ll see below all I can say is expect some LSD, Mac birthing, Organ eating, and a whole lot of lightsabers!  F*cking far out right?  Damn straight it is, but it’s the most unique career retrospective of Steve Jobs that you’ll ever see.  You can bet the ranch on that unless another group of animators start eating mushrooms all day while making their shorts.  You’ve always known that Steve embraced the Darkside of the Force…

The Life and Career of Steve Jobs


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