Kinect Star Wars came out today, and many fans are deeply wounded over the further exploitation of their childhood memories with the inclusion of the dancing mode in this title.  As if the prequels weren’t enough to soil this franchise in many older fans’ minds, now you can see former Tommy Tough Guys like Boba, Lando, and Han dance around like they’re auditioning for So You Think You Can Dance.

For some odd reason Kinect Star Wars and its goofball dancing mode doesn’t really bother me.  Maybe it’s because I’ve already resigned to the fact that the Star Wars I grew up with will never be the same, but I’m in the 1% of fans that actually want to play this game.  Is it as awful as the mainstream media is reporting?  Good chance, but being a long time fan, I can’t help but give into the Darkside and hand over another $50 to George Lucas’ ever growing bank account to see for myself.

To confirm if Kinect Star Wars will drive you mad with its new dancing mode you should really check out the GIFs of the main characters dancing below.  They’ll either make you laugh, or make you puke in your mouth.  Either way, the Star Wars universe has been changed once again to open it up to a new group of fans.  Like it or not, but Boba Fett has got some serious soul moves now!  Check them out in all their glory below.  You’ve been thinking that you at least get to see Slave Leia shake her money maker…

Kinect Star Wars Dancing GIFs

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