This is What the 9/11 Attacks Looked Like from Space

Today is the 10th anniversary of one of the most horrific attacks on innocent people in my lifetime, and it’s a day that no American shall ever forget.  I always remember my elders telling me that they never forgot where they were when major events like the JFK assassination, and the moon landing took place, and now I’m experiencing the same thing in regards to 9/11.  The images of that day still haunt me, and I’ll never forget the changes in our country that took place after it.  We’ve all seen pictures of the Twin Towers being attacked from the ground, but I just found a picture that NASA took the day after, and it really hammers home how destructive those terrorists were.  It’s a sight to be seen, and today is the proper time to behold it.  Take a look below at the wreckage of the Twin Towers from space, and be floored by its sight.  You’ll never forget 9/11/01…


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