This is What Xbox Live Will Look Like on Windows 8

Windows 8 is getting everyone’s attention this week just like the new girl at school would.  This is because its features are finally being shown off via the Microsoft BUILD conference.  One such feature that may tickle your fancy is the integration of Xbox Live into the Windows 8 OS experience.  For the first time Xbox 360 gamers will be able to earn achievements on their PC’s, and they should also be able to play against their console buddies from their PC in a cross platform gaming extravaganza!

Some tech insiders got a preview of Xbox Live running on Windows 8, and from the looks of things it’s even snappier than the service on a console.  The demo is relatively short and shows what it’d be like to play the game Pinball FX on your Windows 8 PC.  For the most part it doesn’t look much different than if you were playing it on the XBLA on your 360, but one key feature of XBL is quite different.

If you pay attention to the very end you’ll get to see what achievements look like on the Windows 8 version of Xbox Live.  I was quite surprised to see how different these little nuggets of gaming motivation look compared to their console versions.  I couldn’t hear the iconic bloop sound, nor did I see the familiar grey “Achievement Unlocked” pop-up message.  It seems as if cheves will pop up with their graphic on XBL on Windows 8 versus the generic message on the 360 console.  Overall, I’m digging this Windows 8 OS.  How can a gamer that favors the Xbox 360 not get pumped about another avenue to earn gamerscore in?  Check out what XBL on Windows 8 looks like below.  You’ve been needing a new desktop loaded with Windows 8 and a sh*tload of games…

XBL on Windows 8 Demo


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