This MS Surface Fail Proves that They’re No Apple When it Comes to Demos

I found this Microsoft Surface fail via my Twitter feed, and I’m glad @dziczkzw posted it.  The clip features a pretty embarrassing tech demo from the Surface presser that took place on Monday, where the tablet will not do what the presenter is commanding it to do.  I felt bad for the guy, because I’m sure he felt like an as*hole, but at the same time the fail doesn’t surprise me either.  Not to be too much of a fanboy, but has any Microsoft product ever functioned perfectly from the get go?  Let alone in their development phases?  I sure can’t think of any.

Microsoft is on the right track with the Surface by making it a closed system, and holding a trendy press conference to introduce it, but this video showcases that the OS giant is still a few years away from perfecting the Apple dog and pony show routine.  You can watch a dude experiencing one of the worst moments of his career at MS below.  You’ve been wondering if an Apple tech demo has ever failed so miserably…

Surface presentation FAIL

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