The wildly popular Fruit Ninja game has spawned both an iPad and a Kinect version due to its pick up and play appeal.  If you’ve never played it before it’s just as simple as swiping your fingers across the screen to chop flying fruit in half.  Essentially you swipe the sh*t out of some fruit while trying to avoid the flying bombs, which will immediately end your game.

Like I mentioned, Fruit Ninja is now available on many platforms with the Kinect version being the latest, but the team over at Lethal Chicken Entertainment may have created the best version of all.  You see, these YouTubers made a short showcasing what it’d be like to be a Fruit Ninja in real life.  Instead of using your weak-a*s fingers as fuit slashing devices these VFX artists used some real steel.  Unfortunately, those damn bombs still exist and even a real sword can’t save you from their destruction.  Check out Lethal Chicken’s Fruit Ninja on Roids below, and if you dig it make sure to subscribe to their channel here.  You’ve always wanted to be a ninja…

Lethal Fruit Ronin: Fruit Ninja on Roids


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