This NFL Player Wants to be Punched by a Superhero

The NFL pre-season is underway, which means only a few more weeks until fans get games that actually matter and are worth watching. To assist with the August football blues, HBO is airing episodes of its hit docu-series Hard Knocks as they follow the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with an up-close look at the stars and backups looking to make an impact.

As pre-season training grinds on in the heat of south Florida, one of the cooler aspects of the show is seeing how players spend their off days and all the stuff they fill their house with. During the newly released second episode, HBO spent some time in the Batcave of defensive tackle Gerald McCoy. This room in McCoy’s house is full of comic book superhero goodness, including a life-size statue of Batman.

“I love superheroes, I love Batman. There’s superhero stuff everywhere,” McCoy says as the camera pans over walls plastered with pictures, paintings, and books of various comic book icons. He goes on to say he’s always had a dream to either be Batman or meet Batman. A dream we’ve all had at one point or another. Then he drops this line:

“The ultimate, ultimate goal is to get punched by a superhero. I want to get punched by a superhero. Hard. Extremely hard. I feel like sometimes when they hit dudes it’s like, golly, man, how hard did that dude get hit? I wanna experience it.” He adds with a wry smile, “not really, but on TV.”

As training camp rolls on, McCoy keeps his superhero fandom close. This year he’s been rocking cleats showing off the likes of The Incredible Hulk and The Joker, impressively made by Tampa artist Jason Hulfish:

McCoy is gearing up for the season with the ferocity of The Hulk, the mind of Bruce Wayne, and a hint of Joker obsessivness. This should be a fun year for the Bucs.

Catch the next episode of Hard Knocks on HBO next Tuesday, August 22nd.


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