This Perfectly Sums Up How Fans Perceive Lucas’ OT Star Wars Edits


Remember when Jabba the Hutt wasn’t in A New Hope, and the ewoks sang a killer tune at the end of Return of the Jedi?  There’s a good chance many of you don’t, especially those born after 1990.  For some reason I’ll never truly understand why Lucas fundamentally changed his original Star Wars trilogy beginning with the mid-90’s Special Editions, which he made even worse in the Blu-ray edition.

The prequels are bad enough to deal with for older Star Wars fans, so the fact that George also altered the original trilogy to the point where fans would rather watch it on a VCR is the final punch in our collective faces.  Instead of the OT being fondly remembered by us all we are left with parodies like the one above, which serve as reminders of how far the Star Wars star has fallen.  Shameful.  You’ve been needing to dig up those VHS tapes…


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