This Really IS How Return of the Jedi Should’ve Ended

The team over at HISHEdotcom may have put out their finest piece of work yet with their Return of the Jedi HISHE bit.  The humor in this animated short will ring true with any long time fan of the Star Wars saga, and the creators nailed down some of the more curious scenes in the film to lampoon.  The ewok celebration scene gets the best make over in this short, and it asks many questions that I’m sure fans asked themselves after watching the re-edited version of the closing scene in ROTJ.  The films may be Lucas’ to edit as he sees fit, but that doesn’t mean his vision is always the best one.

It’s a damn shame what has happened to Jedi, which used to be my favorite film in the franchise.  At least I can get some relief by watching cartoons that make fun of its horrible changes.  Check it out below to see how Return of the Jedi should’ve ended.  You’ve been thinking the same thing in regards to the Jedi spirit scene that was butchered with Hayden Christensen’s whiny a*s long-haired-having face…

How It Should Have Ended: How Return Of The Jedi Should Have

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