This Rey’s Parents Theory Could Be Legit and Would Work Narratively

Ever since the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, fans have been searching within themselves and the Force to try and figure out who Rey’s parents are. Outside of Supreme Leader Snoke, Rey’s parentage is easily one of the most mysterious aspects of this new Star Wars trilogy. Many fans have laid down theories ranging from Rey being Luke’s daughter to her being the daughter of Iden Versio from the Star Wars Battlefront 2 video game. As you can see the scope of these theories on Rey’s parents spans all sorts of possibilities, but after some inner reflection and discussions with my Star Wars Time Show co-host, I think I’m ready to lay down my own theory, which I believe could hold up narratively based on what we know so far, as well as how the Star Wars universe operates.

If by chance my theory is correct, you may not want to proceed, so this is your chance to bail. Potential spoilers to follow, big time.

I’ll be the first one to admit that I didn’t want to believe that this theory would be the actual truth in regards to Rey’s parents, but after deep reflection and meditation with the Force, I do believe it could be 100% legit, and that it would work narratively within this new Skywalker trilogy.


Rey is Han and Leia’s daughter, which in turn makes her Kylo’s brother. There, I said it out loud! Stew on it, and before you head to the comment section to troll me for whatever ignorances you think I have, just hear me out. Trust me, two years ago I didn’t think Rey being Han and Leia’s daughter could work either, but if you think about the circumstances possibly surrounding her birth, it can be explained why she, Han, and Leia, all appeared to not know each other.

My theory goes like this. We know that Ben Solo had been influenced by Snoke from a very young age, and then by the time he hit 10 his parents’ relationship was on the rocks, and they were running out of ways to contain him and his powers, so he was sent to Uncle Luke. You would have to think that their lives were very chaotic, which is why Han and Leia split, and why Ben never felt that he was as important as the New Republic to them, so the Solo family bond wasn’t ideal. So what if at this same time Leia had gotten pregnant just before Han set out to be a smuggler again. That can easily explain why Han didn’t recognize Rey. He never even knew he had a daughter, which mirrors Darth Vader’s own experience with his offspring.

You might be asking why would Leia hide his daughter from him? Well when you consider that they were fearful of Snoke’s influence on their son and were already seeing him go down a dark path, then it’s easy to see why Leia wanted to keep her a secret. The less people who knew about her the better, especially those without Force powers who could be manipulated much easier into giving up important information. Han would have been too easy of a target for Snoke to get information from, so she kept Rey’s birth hidden just like Obi-Wan and Yoda kept her own hidden from her Father and those who could benefit from knowing about her birth.

Han’s inability to recognize Rey can be explained away, but Leia’s lack of acknowledgement towards Rey is a bit murkier, but can be explained in the context of this sci-fi universe. I believe that Leia entrusted Rey to a close family friend, or a major player in the New Republic very early on in her life. I’m talking baby-Rey style, so that can quickly and efficiently explain why Rey doesn’t recognize Leia at all. Now Leia’s reasonings for not recognizing Rey require a bit of a leap of faith, but they can be justified based on how this franchise has operated in the past. I believe Leia 100% new that Rey was her daughter in The Force Awakens, I mean look at their odd hug at the end for example. No way two strangers embrace like that after never meeting, but while Rey was embracing Leia over the loss of Han, I think Leia was embracing her daughter while also acknowledging the loss of her lover.

More importantly, just like how Obi-Wan and Yoda kept the fact that Leia and Luke were siblings from them until they were forced to reveal the connection out of fear of losing Luke to the Emperor, Leia too doesn’t want to send out Force vibes to possibly give Rey away to Snoke. By not openly acknowledging her as her daughter in The Force Awakens she is protecting her true identity from Snoke. Leia has enough of her own Force power to block him from scanning her thoughts, but at that point in time if she let someone without Force powers know the truth, or someone with Force powers but didn’t know how to hone them, she could’ve leaked Rey’s secret, which in turn would have made it easier for Snoke to infect her mind like Ben’s.

Now let’s turn back to Rey and her arrival on Jakku. Like I said before I believe Rey was given to someone by Leia when she was just a baby, and that someone is more than likely a close family friend, or someone Leia trusted in the New Republic. Lor San Tekka may have even been in on it considering that he ends up on Jakku to potentially watch over her after she is ditched on the planet for one reason or another. Speaking of her abandonment on Jakku, I believe that she was brought there after Ben Solo fell to the Dark Side and destroyed Luke’s new Jedi Academy and students. Obviously when this happened Leia knew that things had gotten so bad with her son that he was on a path she could no longer save him from, and that Snoke had fully gotten his hooks into him, so to avoid any potential discovery of Rey by Ben or Snoke, she commanded that her caretakers take her to a remote planet where no one would think to look for her through the Force, or traditional means. It reflects Obi-Wan’s choice to bring Luke to the backwater planet of Tatooine. What better place to hide an insanely powerful Force user than a mostly uninhabited desert planet?

By having Rey marooned on Jakku Leia effectively cut down on the probability that Snoke could sniff her out. By being away from her family since birth her Force powers could technically take longer to mature, which is why she didn’t even fully realize her potential until the Force awoken within her in The Force Awakens. It’s no different from Luke’s own journey. Sure he had skills most other farm boys wouldn’t have without intense training, but he had no idea that he had the ability to manipulate the Force until he was 18 years old. That mirrors Rey’s journey with the Force perfectly. She too needed a major galactic struggle to crash into her life to send her towards her true destiny, just like her Uncle (you see what I did there).

My Rey’s parents theory also holds up when you wonder why Luke may not recognize his niece. Again, I think after Leia saw what happened to Ben she knew that not even Luke could fully protect a Force sensitive child from Snoke’s meddling, so she kept her hidden from him as well. I’m sure he sensed her presence over the years, as he sensed that he and Leia had a deeper connection than just being best friends, but he couldn’t put two and two together to figure out that this Force sensitive being was related to him. It can happen folks. I mean Luke is strong with the Force and he had no idea that Darth Vader was his Dad until he told him, so it’s not like these Force types can just instantly figure out who they’re related to, or who around them is supremely gifted with the Force. Hell, the Chosen One himself didn’t even know he had kids until the Emperor told him in The Empire Strikes Back, so these people can have very important information hidden from them for long periods of time.

I also think that with this theory, the idea of Rey being out there was generally known to Snoke, but thanks to Leia’s secrecy and giving up Rey at birth, he was never able to zero in on exactly who or where Rey was until the Force awoken within her. I think this is why we hear Kylo asking about a girl in a very curious fashion in The Force Awakens, which comes off in a way that leads you to believe that he knows about a special girl either through the Force, or through Snoke telling him about a girl that they should be concerned with due to her potential strong connection to the Force. The way he delivered the lines just made it feel like he had known about some girl in the galaxy and that she wasn’t just your typical space gal.

While my Rey’s Parents theory could go up in smoke quickly once The Last Jedi hits theaters on December 15th, I do believe that it could be legit, and that it does work within the narrative provided. Below you’ll find a quick TL:DR summary of the theory in case you didn’t read all of my explanation. Feel free to weigh in with your own thoughts below.

Rey’s Parents = Han and Leia

  • Rey is conceived right as Han leaves, so that’s why he doesn’t recognize her
  • Leia gives up Rey to a close family friend when she’s a baby, so that’s why Rey doesn’t recognize Leia
  • Reason Leia give her up is due to how Ben is tracking towards the Dark Side, so she doesn’t want the same to happen to Rey
  • This family friend drops Rey off on Jakku after Ben Solo brings down Luke’s Jedi Academy to keep her hidden after Ben’s fall to the Dark Side
  • Lor San Tekka possibly watched over her on Jakku from afar just like Obi-Wan did with Luke
  • Leia doesn’t outwardly acknowledge Rey as her daughter in TFA out of fear of exposing her true identity to Snoke
  • Luke doesn’t know who Rey is because Leia kept her hidden from him as well to limit the amount of people who knew of her existence to protect her identity from Snoke
  • Really it all comes down to Rey being hidden away out of Leia’s fear of what would happen to her if Snoke got a hold of her too, so like Kenobi and Yoda did with Luke and Leia, she felt leaving Rey in obscurity was best for Rey and the galaxy. At least until she was of age to harness her powers and protect herself, or become strong enough to take down the person who had destroyed the family she never knew she had.

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