This Site Can Tell You if You’ll be Dead Before Completing Your Steam Library

Thanks to the insane Steam sales it’s not very hard at all to rack up an impressive backlog of great video game titles to play, but they also make completing your library of games impossible thanks to it seeming like it never stops growing. I’ve only been a Steam user for a year and already have close to 70 games in my library, so the Steam backlog issue problem is real, but now thanks to a handy website I can figure out how much time I’ll need to complete my library of games to see if I can do so before I croak.

How Long to Beat Steam is very easy to use, you just need to punch in your Steam username and it’ll begin the calculation process. Once that completes you’ll be presented with bar charts, pie charts, and other data about how much time it would take to complete every video game you own on Steam. The data is broken down into three categories: Main, Extra, and Completionist, which predicts how much time to beat the main portion of a game, the extra portions of a game, or a full on completionist tackling of a title. For example, to fully complete every one of my games it would take me 2 months and 2 weeks to do so if I never had to eat, sleep, or shit.


There’s even a tool to predict if you can complete your entire Steam library before you die, which takes into account a more realistic approach to gaming by allowing you to input the average number of hours you dedicate to gaming each week. I luckily will be able to complete my library, but I imagine there’s a few of you out there that will probably see the Grim Reaper before you see the end of your Steam library.


Head on over to How Long to Beat Steam to see how much time you’ll need to dedicate to your collection!


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