This Star Wars: Episode IX Meme Perfectly Illustrates The Fickleness of Star Wars Fanboys

Star Wars: The Last Jedi could very well be one of the, if not the most divisive Star Wars film of all-time. While it scored high with critics, fan reaction has been highly divided. Many consider it to be a phenomenal film and mostly agree with the critics’ scores, but there’s also a large group of fans who consider it to be a complete disaster — with some going as far as saying it’s worse than the prequels.

While I think those reactions are a bit over-the-top, I also think that it’s okay to not love or enjoy The Last Jedi. I’m not a fanboy who is going to brow beat you into liking the movie as much as I did. I know it’s a futile effort, and in the end we are all entitled to our own opinions, which is why I always get discouraged to see Star Wars fans on both sides of the fence tear each other apart over a fictional space opera. Of course we all had ideas for what we would’ve liked to have seen in The Last Jedi, but that doesn’t mean that just because our visions weren’t realized, that Rian’s choices were the wrong ones.

Like I said though, that’s may take, and I’m not here to change yours. In fact, this post is meant to offer up a more jovial reaction to the divisiveness that has surrounded this movie since its release. The Force Is Strong With This Page Facebook page has posted the below meme in a reaction to The Last Jedi backlash. It pokes fun at the idea I teased above, in which I feel most of the negative reactions are from fans who think they had a better story in their minds than the one Johnson told. We’re all guilty of it — hell I bought into most of my speculations for the film — but seeing them not come true is another reason why I found the film to be so great. I was completely surprised by its direction because I was wrong about everything.

Over time I do think some fans who initially disliked The Last Jedi will come around to it, but I also think others will never accept it for what it did to the version of Star Wars they had in their head. Just read some of the comments on the above image to see how intense the hate can get. Like I said though, more power to them, because in the end it’s how they feel, and it’s their right to feel that way and I respect that.


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