This Stop Motion SHF Toys Batman v Superman Fight May be Better Than the Real Thing

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is a very polarizing film that has its fans like myself, as well as its haters like most everyone else, but it did feature great action, and the fight between the titular heroes was solid to say the least. If you didn’t like what Snyder provided, you may appreciate a stop motion SHF Toys version from the toy fight master counter656 on YouTube.

The fight is a clever way to unbox a few MSI motherboards, but trust me, it’s not a dull unboxing video whatsoever. Batman and Superman draw powers from the two PC motherboards to help them beat the tar out of each other. The VFX are great, and the stop motion animation is flawless as usual. The action is also pretty entertaining, so head on up above to check out the finished product, which took one month to produce and required 2000 still images.


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