If you have not already seen, Until Dawn is the latest ‘make choices fast before you or someone you care about dies game from Supermassive Games. Until Dawn takes all the parts of every classic teen horror movie you ever watched and mixes it all together to make a horrific live action type experience which requires careful yet speedy thought. Players will have to make snappy decisions in order to survive whatever situation they are stuck in at the time, and keeping a cool head is all but a necessity.

At the PlayStation Experience Supermassive Games’ very own Pete Samuels played a portion of the game and was assisted by a roaring crowd. Samuels made several choices which ultimately resulted in his demise, but if he did not make the wrong choices he could have saved his current character from permanent death.

Until Dawn is still a way off from its 2015 release, but if you have any interest in games of this style it should definitely be on your radar.


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