This War of Mine Update Adds Scenario, Character Editor

This War of Mine, the emotional and evocative title from 11 Bit Studios, showed gamers that war is equally brutal for civilians as combatants. In the game’s latest updates, This War of Mine players will be able to craft their own characters and scenarios, allowing for a personal touch to be incorporated into an already dramatic experience.

This War of Mine’s 1.3 update adds a character editor and a scenario editor, giving players autonomy over their video game experience. In addition to the editors, the update also features two new locations and music tracks.

11 Bit Studios’ choice to release both the character and scenario editor is a powerful one. This War of Mine was praised for its gripping structure that forced players to make some of the most gut-wrenching choices ever seen in a video game. The option to self-insert the player’s personal connections could be one of the best examples of genuine immersion currently available in gaming.


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