It certainly isn’t anything new in this day and age for a videogame to follow a movie. But rarely will you find anyone acting as quickly as Sega. The new (kinda) superhero flick Thor, barely making its first run through the theaters, has already prompted the gaming giant to release not one but three Thor movie-based games.

The upcoming Thor games, the first of which is reportedly launching in May, will be available on the PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii platforms. For the Xbox and PlayStation, the games will be relatively the same. Wii’s version will differ slightly, obviously, as Wii is a completely different console system than its counterparts.

Thor: God of Thunder is already creating quite a buzz throughout the gaming world. The world is full up with games, from online blackjack and every version of poker imaginable to elaborate shooters and throwbacks like Frogger. So it is very, very hard for a game to compete. But as far as we can tell at this early date, God of Thunder will at least initially fly off the shelves.

Thor The Video Game by Sega

On PS3 and Xbox, God of Thunder is expected to be on par with other games in the Sega canon, including the two Iron Man games released a few years back. It’s modeled after melee combat games, meaning gamers can expect a lot of blood and carnage to erupt while playing.

The scale is also going to be rather large, with Thor climbing onto some of the mythical beasts, like Shadow of the Colossus, in order to hammer blast their brains out.

With God of Thunder written by current Thor writer Matt Fraction and promising to be an extension of the movie’s plot, basic gamers may have to log out of their internet poker accounts and switch off their shooters to hero the place up a bit.

God of War Like Boss Battles Will be Found in Thor the Video Game

Only time will tell if the Thor games will really take off, but the movie seems to be doing quite well. And we all saw what that did for the Batman gaming franchise.  Make sure to check out the trailer for Thor The Video Game below.  You’ve been given some options on how to game with Thor…


Thor: God of Thunder



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