Thor Gets His A*s Tased in Newest Trailer!

Thor the so called God of Thunder, has nothing on lighting as he is taken down with one shot of a taser in the newest trailer for the upcoming ‘Thor’ movie.  This trailer focuses more on Thor and his ties to his Earthling buddies, than the last one did, but it’s still a tasty appetizer for the next comic-book movie to hit theaters this Spring.  I hope these Marvel and DC movies keep making coin, so geeks like us can keep watching them at the movies.

Comic-books are cool, but who really feels like reading in this day and age?  I hope you at least like reading the crap on this site, but it’s not like I’m asking you to read a 50 page comic, or even worse, a novel that doesn’t have any pictures!  Thank God for moving pictures right?  Check out the newest trailer for ‘Thor’ below.  You’ve been wondering if Thor will have little babies with Queen Amidala…


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