Those Lightsaber Wielding Felines Return in Jedi Kittens Strike Back

A couple weeks back I posted this awesome video that featured two kittens doing battle with the galaxy’s most refined weapon – The Lightsaber.  Luckily for us Star Wars geeks, the folks over at FinalCutKing have already put out a sequel to Jedi Kittens, and it’s appropriately called Jedi Kittens Strike Back!  This time around our little force using kitties pilot some starships, sport some iconic Star Wars gear, and of course they fight with some lightsabers.  I think we may have a new Internet sensation on our hands.  Check out the sequel everyone will be talking about below.  You’ve tried to duct tape a toy lightsaber to your cat’s paws with no success…

Jedi Kittens Strike Back


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Via [FinalCutKing]


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