Thought My ‘LOST’ Posts Were Over? Check These Michael Giacchino Orchestra Rehearsals Out-Chills Anyone?

Yeah, I still can’t let ‘LOST’ go.  My head is utterly consumed with it right now, and I find myself eating up any last tidbit that I can.  I came across a post that featured some rehearsal footage of Michael Giacchino, the shows music composer, for a live ‘LOST’ themed performance he gave last week.  If you’re like me, or any other cultured person, music is a device that can evoke many emotions.

I for one have been known to well-up and then put my man face on when I hear certain tunes, mainly music from movies, or other mediums that have made an impact on my life.  The Star Wars theme, OG Superman, LOTR films, and now LOST all seem to have music that can get my emotions riled up.  Yeah the E.B. has a sensitive side, but I am a guy so I have to squash it whenever possible.  That’s what men do.  We show no weakness.

Anyway, check out these rehearsal clips for the ‘LOST’ orchestra.  In my opinion it’s some of the best scored and iconic music for a piece of visual entertainment.  If your a fan these clips will get you reminiscing and possibley a few goose bumps will surely arise.  You’ve been filled with emotions, good or bad…




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Via [LA Times]


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