Thousands of Green Day Fans Sing Another Band’s Song

Green Day is in the midst of a year-long tour, and their recent stop at London’s historic Hyde Park provided a most excellent video. While waiting for the band to take the stage, 65,000 strong voices took the opportunity to sing along to Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” as it played over the speakers. The center-stage camera provides a beautiful view of the crowd and setting sun while wonderfully capturing the unifying sounds of tens of thousands of fans. This isn’t the first time this occured at a Green Day concert, so it could be that the technician behind the boards ensures the song stays in the rotation. Though to be perfectly honest, it’s more likely that the song is just that amazing and is a guaranteed way to keep waiting fans from growing impatient. Check out the video above, and in answer to your question, yes, I did watch the Wayne’s World clip because it was required research.


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