Three Events That Could Get Luke Skywalker to Join The Resistance in ‘The Last Jedi’

Going into Star Wars: The Last Jedi we know a few truths. The biggest being the fact that Luke Skywalker has voluntarily banished himself from galactic politics, and has taken up residence on the Force-infused planet Ahch-to. We don’t know the full story behind his self imposed exile outside of the fact that his nephew destroyed his new Jedi Order, which would be pretty rough to handle for the last Jedi.

Up until this point Luke has not been a part of the Resistance, which is led by his twin sister Leia, who along with Supreme Leader Snoke had been looking for him through the events of The Force Awakens. We all know the Resistance eventually found Luke’s location and Rey went to return his first lightsaber, but after watching the two trailers for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, it doesn’t appear like Luke is willing to train Rey, or join the Resistance’s fight against the First Order.

With limited insights into Luke’s mindset in The Last Jedi, I’d like to speculate on three possible events that could light a fire under his ass to get him back into the thick of things in the never ending battle between the forces of good and evil. Of course, there’s also the chance that he stays on the sidelines for good, but I do believe one of the following scenarios could definitely lead to him regaining his Return of the Jedi do-gooder form.

General Leia Gravely Wounded

We know for a fact that Luke and Leia can reach out to each other through the Force and feel what the other is feeling, or to actually call out for help. This was made clear in The Empire Strikes Back, and again in Return of the Jedi, so we know these two can sense each other across great distances. Based on how the second trailer for The Last Jedi was edited, it does look like Leia’s capital ship is going to get hammered by the First Order, and that her son will have a heavy hand in bringing it down. I don’t think Leia will die in this attack, because we’ve been told over and over that she was initially supposed to survive this film and have a huge role in the next, but I do think there’s a great chance that she gets gravely wounded.

Leia’s fall will surely ripple through the Force and Luke would definitely pick up on it, and you’d think that her being gravely wounded would possibly motivate him to get out of his funk and join the fight against Snoke. I just don’t think Luke could ignore the fact that his sister was nearly killed at the hands of Snoke and more than likely his nephew, regardless of how bad he feels about creating the Kylo Ren monster in the first place.

Rey Gets Captured or Loses Her Way

Based on the last trailer it looks like Rey ends up in Snoke’s throne room and he appears to be torturing her. The big question is how does she end up in his throne room. Did she voluntarily turn herself in with the hopes of learning more about how she fits into the big picture? The trailer was cut in a way that makes it look like she could reach out to Kylo for help and understanding after all. She could have also been captured while on a rescue attempt to save Finn, which may be hinted at in the latest trailer when Luke apparently tells her that whatever she plans to do will not go according to her plan.

No matter how you slice it, Rey will end up in front of Snoke, and I think that could be a big enough reason to get Luke to leave his Porg buddies behind and rejoin the fight against Snoke and the First Order. We know for a fact that Luke greatly respects Rey’s raw potential with the Force, and that it scares the midichlorians out of him, so knowing that she’s been captured by Snoke could be enough to get him back into the mix of things. He clearly wouldn’t want two insanely powerful Force users to be devoted to the Dark Side, so Rey ending up in Snoke’s throne room could definitely get the last Jedi fighting for the Resistance.

Kylo Brings the Fight to Luke

We know for a fact that Kylo has tried to kill Luke at least once, so there’s a great chance that he still wants to take down his uncle and former mentor of the Force. There have also been rumors that Kylo and his Knights of Ren end up on Ahch-To and battle with Luke and Rey, so there is a possibility that these two will meet in The Last Jedi, and that the family reunion won’t be very loving in nature. There’s also a chance that Rey’s vision of the Knights and Kylo from The Force Awakens was actually a future memory and we will see it play out in The Last Jedi.

Anyway you slice it, if Kylo does find his Uncle and Rey, Luke clearly has lost his anonymity, and will need to vacate Ahch-To. What better place to evacuate to than a Resistance base or fleet? I don’t see Luke going into hiding after being found by Rey anyway, so if Kylo finds him I don’t see him running, but instead he’ll get his act together and join up with the good guys.

Final Thoughts

There’s still a chance that Luke never joins up with the Resistance and battles against the forces that nearly destroyed him, and ended the life of one of his best friends. I find this scenario to be unlikely, but based on what we know about Luke’s state of mind, and his concerns about Rey, it’s not out of the realm of possibilities. I for one think Luke will indeed join the fight agains the First Order, and that his change of heart will stem from one of the three scenarios detailed above.

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