Three of the Xbox One’s Most Anticipated Exclusive Games

So much has been said about Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox One console in a short amount of time. From critiques to unadulterated excitement, the Xbox One has been the topic of much debate since the console’s first announcement. Putting bias aside, and looking strictly at the games announced for the console, there is a lot to look forward to on Microsoft’s new machine. From the handful of exclusive video games planned for the Xbox One, a handful stand out as the most interesting, and anticipated, games so far. Take a look at these four – they’re sure to get some serious love once the console hits the sales floor.

Sunset Overdrive:


Thanks to a super stylish E3 debut trailer, Insomniac Games’ upcoming Sunset Overdrive quickly garnered a lot of attention. The stylized freerunning featured in the trailer, coupled with a seriously over the top action indicated that Sunset Overdrive will be a non-step thrill fest. With a focus on agility-based navigation, multiplayer, and humor, the world of Sunset Overdrive seems to be one that players won’t soon forget. The game features a vibrant and enjoyable color palette that stands in stark contrast to the normally muted colors of current generation games. Sunset Overdrive tasks players with destroying the legions of mutants inhabiting a city, which is made possible thanks to some inspired weaponry. From baseball bats to vinyl record launchers, it seems that there is no shortage of entertaining ways to take out the mutant menace in Sunset Overdrive.

Ryse: Son of Rome:


Ryse: Son of Rome is, at its core, a visceral hack and slash affair set during the height of the Roman empire. Featuring gorgeous graphics and absolutely brutal combat, Crytek has been able to bring one of the world’s most interesting historical time periods to life in a way that was never thought possible. Players will assume the role of Marius Titus in what Crytek has refereed to as ‘an epic tale of revenge spanning a lifetime’. Marius’ story starts from his early childhood and features his ascension through the Roman ranks. Players will be able to issue their troops commands, adjusting formations and planning assaults according to the situation at hand. Combining a historical influence with quick, heavy combat and a mature story has made Ryse one of the most talked about Xbox One exclusives.

D4 (Dark Dreams Don’t Die):


A new game from one of the industry’s most interesting a creative minds, D4 is director Hidetaka Suehiro’s Xbox One offering. In the tradition of Suehiro’s previous games, D4 is an anomaly of traditional video game conventions. Based heavily off of simple voice and gesture communication with the Xbox One’s Kinect functionality, D4 pits players in the shoes of an amnesiac private investigator. Upon the game’s outset, the player character’s wife has been murdered, but he cannot recall the memories of who committed the crime. While this sounds fairly simple in theory, D4 takes a decidedly ‘Swery65’ twist, with the inclusion of time travel. Because of the traumatic nature of his wife’s death, the player finds himself unable to recall memories but can now traverse through time upon activating various object encountered during the game. Time travel seems almost too normal for one of Swery’s games, but D4 manages to up the camp level with awesome cell-shaded graphics and plenty of interesting and offbeat characters. Not much more is known about D4 at this time, with the exception that Suehiro has stated the game will be released in a episodic format.

If you ask me, an episodic, time traveling tale from Swery65 himself is perhaps the greatest gift to gaming in a long, long time.

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