Three Possible Dany and Jon Reactions to Bran’s Big Game of Thrones Parentage Reveal

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It should be noted that this post contains spoilers for the final of Game of Thrones’ seventh season. You should only proceed if you have watched the episode, or do not care about the world of Westeros in the least.

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During the closing moments of Game of Thrones: The Dragon and The Wolf, fans finally got confirmation that Jon Snow is a Targaryan, and a full one at that. We now know that he is Aegon Targaryan, and that he is the legitimate son of Rhaegar Targaryan and Lyanna Stark. He is not a bastard of the North nor Dorne, but rather he is the true born son of Rhaegar and therefore has the best claim to the Iron Throne. Even over Dany, who is actually his Aunt and second in line to the Iron Throne as things stand at this point in the game.

This revelation has serious implications for both Dany and Jon, who we now know are quite in love with each other and sealed that deal with a romp in the sack as Tyrion watched with a concerned look on his face. Bran’s reveal will obviously impact these two and the story moving forward, so I wanted to speculate a bit on how these two will potentially handle his major revelation. I’m guessing that the two will handle it in one of three ways, which I delve into after the break. Please head on down below to see how I think the new Game of Thrones love birds will react to Bran’s big news about Jon’s true parentage.

Dany and Jon’s Potential Reactions

1. They Embrace It


Depending on how brushed up you are on your Game of Thrones lore you may or may not know that the Targaryans practiced incest on a regular basis. This was done to keep their bloodline pure, and for this family’s mystical ties to dragons. It was commonplace for Targaryans to marry their siblings or relatives, so the idea of two Targaryans hooking up shouldn’t be a major shock to Westeros.

If Dany and Jon truly love each other I just don’t see this revelation destroying the feelings they’ve naturally built up for one another. I think at first they’ll have some concern and need to hash things out, but after some time I just think their hearts will drive them into each other’s arms regardless of the whole incest debacle. They’re not brother and sister at least, so maybe the whole Aunt and Nephew thing will work out in their minds as not being too creepy. Again, I’m not sure if the love they now feel will allow them to not be in love with each other even after finding out what Bran has to say. It could even strengthen the love they feel, and cause them to become even closer.

I think this is one of the reasons Tyrion looked so concerned when he saw them engage. He knows now that they love each other and that this love could affect their judgment moving forward on major decisions involving the war with the Night King and ultimately Cersei. Clearly he’s worried about the state of their minds and hearts, but when it comes down to it I think a united Dany and Jon — even with the whole incest thing — is better than a divided Dany and Jon.

2. They’re Disgusted by It

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If Dany and Jon were living in the 21st century, then they would probably be thoroughly disgusted with Bran’s reveal. Therefore, like school kids being afraid of cooties from the opposite sex, I could see these two distance themselves from each other in terms of a loving relationship.

Although — in this scenario at least — I still see them working together to defeat the Night King and Cersei. They’re too smart and good natured to let Bran’s news destroy the commitments they made to each other in terms of fighting the undead and bringing order to Westeros by taking out the Mad Queen Cersei. I just don’t see them throwing away all that they’ve achieved together, as well as those they’ve lost in doing so, which is why I feel that they’ll remain close but not as lovers if this is how Bran’s reveal plays out.

I do think if this is the case Jon still allows Dany to be Queen, as I never felt like he wanted to rule anything or anyone. I’m not sure if they’ll not tell anyone else who the true heir is in this scenario either. They’ll have to ensure Bran and Sam keep things quiet, because for all we know they’re the only two in the world who know the truth at this point.

3. They’re Divided by It

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The final option for Dany and Jon and how they may handle Bran’s news is that it drives a major wedge between the two. I find this outcome to be the most unlikely, but we are talking about Game of Thrones aren’t we, so we should all be prepared for the worst possible scenario.

I only see this outcome taking place if for some reason Dany can’t come to grips with the fact that she’s not really the true heir to the throne, and that her conquests have all been in the name of a lie. She has liked reminding people that she is the true heir to the Iron Throne, and that it is her’s by birth. Maybe her head has gotten big enough that she won’t be able to let that idea go after she learns that Jon-gon (you heard it here first people) is the rightful heir and her true King. She did really push the idea of him bending the knee this season, so clearly she has a thing for being the Queen, so learning that she really isn’t one could cause her to go off the deep end a bit. I’m not talking murdering Jon, but she may be so shocked and defeated that she does something rash that could cost them both dearly.

Again, I find this possible reaction to be the most unlikely, but during an interview on one of the behind-the-scenes featurettes for Game of Thrones’ finale, Issac Hempstead-Wright did say that just as the good guys were coming together Bran’s news will surely drive them back apart. Take that for what you want, but it sounds like regardless of how Jon and Dany react to the news, it’s going to send shockwaves through Westeros and the main game players during the show’s final season.


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