Three Video Game Characters You Could Pull Off This Halloween

Halloween is arguably the best holiday out there. Candy, horror movies, and of course great costumes are all staples of October 31st’s big day. On the one day of the year where everyone gets to dress up and be someone else, it’s the perfect opportunity to let your video game loving flag fly high. The list below has a few great options for those who want to go the video game costume route – but can’t decide who to be. These simple, and instantly recognizable costume ideas are sure to make you stand out.

Joel (The Last Of Us):


Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us has been one of the most discussed and well-received games of the decade and luckily for you, Joel’s character design oozes simplicity and functionality. Those who want to take the Joel route can easily attain his outfit. A worn green flannel is a must of course, especially if you can grab one with a lightly plaided pattern. Joel’s beat up denim is a relatively easy find and can more than likely be found in a local thrift store in spades. Boots, a leather backpack and a gas mask earn points for detail while those who are looking to really nail down the Joel costume should start growing that beard out immediately – and consider getting a little touch of grey in there.

Travis Touchdown (No More Heroes):


One of the spunkiest and most entertaining characters in recent years, Travis Touchdown’s outfit perfectly matches his personality. Nailing Travis’ spiked out hair might look like a challenge at first, but it is nothing that some dedication and lots of hair jell can’t fix. Grabbing something similar to Travis’ iconic leather jacket could potentially require some dedicated searching, especially for those who are looking to not break the bank. However grabbing a pair of aviator shades is often as simple as heading to your local pharmacy and checking out the cheap sunglasses rack. A pair of blue jeans and an anime-inspired t-shirt are all that is left to complete the look. Bonus points go to those who want to attempt to create Travis’ beam sword, but please try to avoid phallically charging it in front of others.

Red (Pokemon):


Possibly the most recognizable video game character this side of Mario, Red is one of the easiest costumes a video game fan could ever try to pull off. The signature red hat, light denim pants, and black undershirt can more than likely be found in your own closet. Red’s vest is sure to make you one of the most stylish people around on Halloween, just be sure to bring your backpack to load up on candy and a few extra Pokeballs in case anyone gives you any trouble.

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