Three Video Game Franchises that Need a Second Chance


Countless games come and go throughout the years. Some, we remember fondly while others we would rather forget. Every so often, a new video game comes along that dares to be different and captures our attention like never before. These games tend to be a little different than the industry standard, and we love them for that. Sadly, these games tend to get looked over by the gaming world at large, and the developers move on to bigger and more well-received projects. Below we take a look at three video game franchises that boldly stood out and won over fans for their unique traits. While the franchises may have been forgotten by time, one can hope that with a bit of patience and good luck – these three may see a new title some day.

Bushido Blade:

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Arguably one of the coolest fighting games of all time, Bushido Blade (and its only sequel, Bushido Blade 2) took everything that gamers knew about fighting conventions and flipped them on their heads. Bushido Blade eschewed time limits and health gauges in favor of visceral katana-based combat. Instead of spamming attacks or combos in hopes to deplete your opponents health, Bushido Blade invited players to think about each and every stroke of the blade. A single blow could kill in Bushido Blade, making combat as every bit nerve wracking at it was exciting.

Featuring a body based damage system, large 3D stages, and great character maneuverability, Bushido Blade was not only one of the most stylish fighters of all time, but also one of the most inventive. Although the series hasn’t seen a new release since 1998’s Bushido Blade 2, the current generation consoles and upcoming Playstation 4 and Xbox One would be the perfect place for the franchise to make its much-deserved reappearance.

Brave Fencer Musashi:


Not all games are made equal and Squaresoft’s Brave Fencer Musashi is one of the prime examples of this philosophy. Brave Fencer Musashi was one of the most entertaining, well-written and addicting games in the Playstation’s vast library. Telling the story of a spunky, young swordsman summoned to a parrallel world, Brave Fencer Musashi started out with a witty bang and never let up. Featuring not only great humor, but also enjoyable real time combat, a deep skill system based off of Musashi’s two swords, and an in-game time clock that dicatated the events within the game’s world, Brave Fencer Musashi was a bold title that stuck in the head of everyone who played it.

In 2005, Brave Fencer Musashi saw a Playstation 2 sequal – Musashi: Samurai Legend – that took a decidedly different turn from its predecessor. While by no means a bad game, Musashi: Samurai Legend was met with mixed reviews and seen as a departure from Brave Fencer Musashi. The Musashi franchise deserves a second chance, especially in an era where too many games are afraid to stray too far from the norm. The brash, foul-mouthed protagonist practically screams to make an apperance on modern day hardware.

Dark Cloud:


Dark Cloud and its sequel, Dark Cloud 2, are two of the most beloved games in all of the Playstation 2’s library. The Dark Cloud games successfully blended action role playing and city-building elements in a meaningful way, providing for a unique and unforgettable experience. Developer Level-5 earned serious praise in 2001 when Dark Cloud first hit shelves, but it wasn’t until 2003 and Dark Cloud 2 that the series hit its full stride. With gorgeous cel-shaded graphics, an instantly memorable story and more content than gamers knew what to do with – Dark Cloud 2 became an instant classic.

Fans have been calling for another entry into the Dark Cloud franchise since the release of Dark Cloud 2, and anyone who has played either game in the series will tell you that the world desperatly needs Dark Cloud 3. In 2009, rumors began circulating that the third entry in the series would become a Playstation 3 exclusive but unfortunately no further word has been heard.

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