Thrones Time: Breaking Down GoT – S8E2 – Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

Game of Thrones Season 8 continued this past Sunday with a fantastic, low-key episode that allowed fans to get one more night with their favorite characters before most of them probably get killed by the Night King’s forces. It featured great dialogue and character development, plus a few top moments that fans have been waiting to see for decades.

Naturally, Nick, Keith, and I, fired up the Thrones Time cast to discuss this episode, which is titled, “Knight of the Seven Kingdoms”, so we first give our general reaction to the episode as a whole. We all agreed that it was a great episode, and one of the best in quite sometime, although, it did take me a bit to get to that level of understanding, because at first I found the episode to be a bit underwhelming. With that being said, I realized my errors and did fully appreciate the moments we got.

Speaking of moments, we also went over the top 11 moments that I detailed in our weekly recap of new Game of Thrones episode. We cover each one and discuss why they stood out, and of course, a few even led us tangental talks, so it was fun to hear how we all interpreted this top scenes.

Finally, we give a few bold predictions about how many major characters will die in Episode 3. We came in anywhere from 3-6 major character deaths, with the likes of Brienne, Pod, Tormund, Berric, and Theon being the most likely to go out like heroes while defending Winterfell.

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