Thrones Time: Breaking Down GoT – S8E5 – The Bells

If you missed last week’s podcast, you can find it here, and be sure to check out Matt’s Top Moments from episode 5.

The penultimate episode has arrived, for better or for worse. The pacing has been rushed, complaints have been filed, and the memes are out of control. Still, like the Hound, we press on through the fiery rubble and turn our sights towards the series finale.

But first, there’s a lot to unpack in “The Bells,” so Matt, Keith, and Nick gathered around the war table to discuss the events that took place, and where it could lead heading into the final episode. Dany had few allies remaining as she attacked King’s Landing, and those numbers have further dwindled. She’s removed Cersei from the equation, but it’s hard to imagine Jon is going to let her actions slide.

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