Thrones Time: GoT Season 8 Speculations Based on a Major Set Leak

Thanks to a massive set leak from the Game of Thrones Season 8 production two weeks ago, myself and the two other Thrones Time co-hosts got together to talk about the leak, and what it may mean for the show’s final season. If you’re looking to head into 2019 without a single idea about what may be happening in Westeros for GoT’s final season, then you should avoid this episode of our impromptu Thrones Time podcast, because it does feature a potential huge spoiler for a major location from the series.

Proceed at your own risk!

If you do care to listen, we mostly analyze and give our thoughts on what may be happening in the leaked video and images from the Winterfell set. We offer up a few different scenarios that could have led to the complete torching of the Stark’s home, which include an attack by the Night King, an attack by Cersei, an attack by Dany, or possibly a staged attack by the Starks for one reason or another. We go around and give pros and cons for each scenario, while also offering up the most likely scenario that leads to the destruction of Winterfell. We are probably wrong on all fronts, but when you have over a year to kill before finding out how Game of Thrones ends, you gotta spin your wheels on something to help whittle down the wait.

We also touch on something that Lena Heady said about reading the final season script with the cast, which sounded like there will be a moment of great sadness and surprise at some point during this season. She made it sound like it is a major moment that will rock fans to the core by highlighting the fact that it made the whole cast weep while reading through it. We try again to guess what this depressing scene may be, but like our other guesses, we are probably wrong, because nothing that seems like the easy choice will ever be the actual thing that happens in Game of Thrones. That’s just not how the show works.

You can watch and listen above through YouTube, or you can listen in below through our web player and Stitcher player (may need time to let it update to newest episode). Finally, you can always subscribe to the show via one of the available platforms below.


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