Thrones Time Show: Eastwatch Breakdown and Items of Note

Macall B. Polay/HBO

With the bodies and debris of the Loot Train Battle still smoldering, Game of Thrones took the opportunity to slow down the violence this week while still keeping up the hectic pace this season has been on. If seasons one through six were a steady jog, then seven is a full-on sprint.

With Maester Heywood on vacation, Keith and I sneak into the restricted area and take the reigns of podcastamere to discuss the events of the episode, which Keith outlined in his Top Moments piece. “Eastwatch” saw more reunions, a budding friendship between a boy and a dragon, and one anxious hammer swinger that made quick work of two Gold Cloaks. Needless to say next week’s battle north of the Wall can’t come soon enough. I mean, look at this trailer!

You can listen in below through our web player and Stitcher player (may need time to let it update to newest episode). Finally, you can always subscribe to the show via one of the available platforms below.

If you’re wondering where the Reply All email exchange is, it’s been put on hold until next week, so be sure to check back then!

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