Thrones Time Show: Game of Thrones S7 Finale Top Moments and A Look Ahead

Game of Thrones Nation the final episode of our Thrones Time podcast is now available for you to listen to, and it covers the solid final episode, “The Dragon and The Wolf”. As usual Nick, Keith, and myself navigate the episode while highlighting its top moments and discussing how we each felt about them, as well as how we interpreted them while we watched. We cover 12 key moments from the episode, as well as a handful of assorted musings that we felt stood out, but weren’t necessarily impacting the plot in anyway.

The discussion also yields some of our thoughts for Season 8. We specifically wonder how Jon and Dany will handle Bran’s revelation. Jaime’s path moving forward was also debated, and we even wondered which Northern castle would fall first to the Night King.

You can listen in below through our web player and Stitcher player (may need time to let it update to newest episode). Finally, you can always subscribe to the show via one of the available platforms below.

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