Tiger Cornered For Our Pleasure!

Holy crap!  One day of posting and I’m already finding bugs in the Buddha.  With all things great it is to be expected.  It isn’t human error rather those damn machines that will one day take over the world and harvest us for energy.  Oh well I wiped out the Log In feature because it is way too cumbersome and honestly not needed at all.  You can always read the Greetings! section for more information.

On to my man Tiger.  Unless you are deaf, dumb, and blind you know who Tiger is and the scandal he has been involved in.  Personally, I was let down by his aggressive humping only because he’s married with children.  If that wasn’t the case I’d probably give him a high-five or the NBA chest bump, but doing this to your wife and little babies is just f’d up.

It’s been good to see him coming out of the woodwork and making public appearences again even if they’re in controlled situations.  Honestly, I just want the dude golfing again as does most of the world, but he’s going to have to go through the media recovery program first.  These entail him making appearences to the press and answering questions he deems as “non-private” or softball questions that most members of the media ask celebs.  If we ever want a real interview it would have to be done by Howard Stern who isn’t afraid to ask the tough questions.  Just look at his wonderful work with 3 of Tiger’s mistresses and getting them to cough up details that no other news outlet could get.  Enough said, but I’m a realist and recognize that only down to earth celebs talk with Stern because the others are too scared to tarnish their puppy dogs and ice cream image.

Well the media is going to have another shot at Tiger on April 5th.  It was just announced that he will be answering questions from the media during The Masters.  There will be a special session just for Tiger.  Hell even before all of this shit the media would still focus most of their attention on him.  Regardless, this will be the first time that Woods will be back on the Tour and getting grilled by all members of the media versus the controlled settings the other two interviews have been in.  I’m not expecting any ground breaking information to come out of this, but it will serve as his penance to the Tour and its members, so he doesn’t completely cause a ruckus once play begins.

I’ll tune in for you on the 5th and let you know how it goes.  Like I said earlier I just want him to start winning again.  Is that shallow?  It may be, but I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way.  Stay tuned to The Entertainment Buddha for all of you Tiger scandal news.

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