Tiger Masters Press Conference: OK I’m Officially Over It!

I just finished watching the latest round of Tiger’s penance for his transgressions, and I can officially say that I’m over this saga.  It’s time for the rest of us to get over it as well.  He fucked up royally, and severely tarnished his image, but at this point there really isn’t much to care about anymore.  The allure of the story in my opinion has vanished, and now we just want to know if he’ll ever be dominant in the game of golf again.

Tiger’s press conference today went exactly as I thought it would.  No one really asked the tough questions like, “Hey Tiger why do you like to pee on girls?”, or “What’s your fascination with butt sex?”  Before you accuse me of being a perv these exact details have been highlighted in Howard Stern interviews with Tiger’s mistresses.  In fact, the porno star Joslyn James exposed more of Tiger’s odd sexual behavior on today’s episode of The Stern Show.  With the fact that most people think Howard is the anit-christ aside, the dude can get people to expose details that no other traditional media outlet can.

Back to the interview that honestly got boring real quick.  Tiger said in regards to the galleries reactions today, “The galleries couldn’t have been nicer….and it touched my heart pretty good”  He really seems to have lost that sense of entitlement he spoke of back in February.  He’s very subdued and not as cocky as he once was.  He begged the media to quit bothering his fellow players about him, and also was unhappy with the medias obsession with his family.  I think at times Tiger forgets that he’s a celebrity in America, which is the same as saying your Jesus Christ.  He has to get that we live and die by what celebs do in their regular lives.

The media at this conference actually asked tons of questions about the PED scandal involving the doctor he used for his knee rehab.  I found that quite interesting, but he easily brushed it aside as a legal means of rehab for super rich people.

Tiger mentioned that he is going to start involving himself with the fans in a more intimate manner.  Before all of this went down he wasn’t known as the most kind superstar to his adoring fans.  He brought up that fact and mentioned he’d make an honest attempt at acknowledging his fans now that he’s a better person.  He also mentioned that his behavior on the course will be toned down.

This point was sad to hear.  I mean my favorite part of watching him on the course was his atypical behavior of actually showing emotion.  Now he sounds like he’s planning on acting like every other boring white guy on tour, pussy!

Honestly, there really is much more to say.  He seems like he’s lost his arrogance.  He wants to start being a better tour player towards the fans and golf enthusiasts.  He doesn’t use PEDs.  He did use Ambien and pain killers for his knee surgery.  He knows he’s a complete asshole for what he did, and he feels like a piece of shit for missing his son’s first birthday while in rehab.  He wouldn’t answer what type of rehab he went to citing that tidbit is personal.  It’s not like we can’t all figure out why he was in rehab.

Like I said earlier, today’s press conference more or less solidified my belief that this saga is becoming stale.  Yeah, he really screwed his perfect image up, but after 4 months of being in the news and the talk of the town I really feel like his raunchy story is getting super old.  It’s time to focus on how his game has held up through the storm.  I just want to watch him win again, it’s enough with the sex scandal stories already.  Let’s get over our fascination with the lives of celebs, and get back to worshiping them for what they’re good at, entertaining us.

You’ve been enlightened…


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