Tiger Scores a New Youngin but Will She Help His Golf Game

Tiger Woods has a new flame and she’s young.  He has been spotted out and about with Alyse Lahti Johnson a 22 year-old blond who happens to be the daughter of one of the main players at Tiger’s agency of choice – IMG.  The odd thing to think about is that Tiger may have known little Alyse when she was a little girl.  I’m pretty sure Tiger signed with IMG back in 1997, so there’s a good chance he may have been introduced to Alyse when she was just a child.  I’m not harping on him for going after a young chick, but doesn’t it seem a little creepy?  It’s kind of like the Medieval times where the Lords would eye up some young peasants and call for their services once they reached womanhood.

Honestly, I don’t care who Tiger dates I just want him to be semi-competitive again at the game of golf.  We may be watching one of the biggest downfalls of a high-caliber athlete this World has ever seen.  Can you remember a few years back when the talk about Tiger was WHEN he would beat Jack’s record?  I don’t think anyone ever thought that Tiger’s quest to 18 Majors would be in jeopardy unless he got severely injured.  I know I believed he would do it in grand fashion.  Let’s face it he was a flipping machine on the course, but now he’s no more terrifying than Fumbling Phil Mickelson.

It’s still mind boggling to see Tiger’s game in shambles.  He no longer has that “wow” factor that seemed to make his competitors collectively sh*t themselves whenever he showed up at a tournament.  When you watch him now you wonder when his next great shot will be, and not when his next crap shot will happen.  He’s definitely lost the mental part of his game.

I don’t want to count him out just yet, but from what I’ve seen out of him over the past year I really have no hope that he’ll ever return to his days of glory.  At this point in his career he can’t afford to let too many more Majors slip from his grasp if he ever wants to get back on track to overtake the Golden Bear.  It really is a bummer, because I’ve been a Tiger Woods fanboy since the day he proclaimed, “Hello World!”

I’ve actually found myself losing interest in golf all together because the pro version isn’t really exciting now that Tiger isn’t competitive, or my lack of interest could be due to the fact that I’m a lazy piece of sh*t.  Oh well, maybe his new lady child can get the juices flowing again, and I’m not talking about his man juice.  You’ve been wondering why Tiger goes for these regular looking women…

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