Tiger Woods Huge Payout: I’ll be Your Mistress!

When I saw that Tiger allegedly may have paid off mistress #1, Rachel Uchitel, $10 million big ones I almost turned gay.  What a sweet deal if it’s actually true.  This Rachel girl not only becomes a household name through our obsession with celebs and senseless news, but now she may be set for life just by banging Tiger Woods.  Women truly do have all of the power.  You know what they say, “The power of the, na-na rules all”.

Like I’ve mentioned before I’m ready for all of this to go away, so I can just start watching Tiger start [slider title=”pwning”]Pwning – The art of kicking someone’s ass repeatedly.  Mainly applies to the gaming space and multiplayer competitions.  It’s mainly used as a verb.[/slider] the PGA again.  What did this chic know to warrant that much of a payout?  I’d like to know so I can get in on that [slider title=”action.”]It’s called joking around.  I’m not gay, but $10 mil?  Just kidding, at least not until I’m desperate ; )[/slider]

You’ve been enlightened…

Via [TMZ]


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