Tiger Woods Mistress #1 Going Playboy?

TMZ has confirmed that Rachel Uchitel has inked a deal to be in Playboy.  What a self-contradicting dummy!  Wasn’t it just last week that she complained to TMZ that she thinks the other Tiger girls are trying to capitalize on their affairs with the broken down golfer?  I would think signing a deal with Playboy counts as capitalizing on banging Tiger Woods as well, don’t you?

I’m all about these girls doing whatever they can to make some scratch off of having relations with a famous person, but if you’re going to put them down for doing so, shouldn’t you also include yourself?  What a retard.  I hate when people act like they’re all high and mighty, but then they do the exact same thing that they’re putting others down for.  Get over yourself Rachel!  You’re know better than the other used Tiger meat!

Regardless of her judgement of others I’m all about her getting nude for Hef.  Hey, I’m a guy, why wouldn’t I want to see a women naked?  You have to remember we’re simpletons that only need food, sleep, and naked chicks.  It’s great to be caveman-like!  All hail testoterone!

Stay tuned for more Rachel Uchitel Playboy news.  Supposedly she has the option to cancel the deal at anytime.  You’ve been double talked…

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Via [TMZ]


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