Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2011 to Have Mini-Golf Mode on the Wii

I think EA is running out of gimmicks to add to its long standing golf franchise, so they’ve gone back to the basics.  It appears in the 2011 version of, Tiger Woods PGA Tour, there will be a mini-golf mode included.  From the screenshots I’ve seen it doesn’t look to be your average mini-golf, rather mini-golf on steroids.  I’m also not positive if this mode will be available in all versions of the game, so far the announcement only mentions it being in the Wii version, which is set to launch this June.

I’ve enjoyed playing the Tiger Woods PGA Tour games, but they do get boring real quick.  Maybe the inclusion of this mini-golf mode will help to alleviate the monotony of playing the same old course over and over.  Honestly, is there really anyway to make video game golf compelling?  Until I can take full swings with a real club and hit a real ball right in my house I don’t think video game golf will ever keep my attention for more than a few weeks.

Oh well, Tiger needs more money after losing some of his sponsors, so if you feel like helping a brother out reserve your copy of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2011 today.  I’m sure Tiger will appreciate the sounds of his bank account growing again.  He’s going to need some cash after Elin wipes his cheating as out.

You’ve been enlightened…

Via [Kotaku]


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